Monday, April 20, 2009

Daggerboard and rudder blade ready for painting

It was a love-hate relationship with the fairing work on these foils the last week or so.  This was especially true of the daggerboard.   I think the root cause being my lack of experience to know when the foil shape is good and fair enough.  Thankfully ... it is mostly love now.  I thought I would post some pictures before starting to paint.


Hanging up I can verify that the board is straight and fair enough.

Trailing edge view.

End view


The rudder shape is close to ideal I believe.

End view

The trailing edge of the rudder blade.  I'm glad I sandwiched the layer of fiberglass in the foam block.  It is visible in these shots and I'm sure it is helping to strengthen the edge.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Fairing the daggerboard and rudder blades

I've started fairing the daggerboard and rudder.  I had thought that the blades were actually quite fair but I'm finding that there are a number of areas that need building up.  I want to keep the final quality of these parts quite high.

I'm also quite sure that the trailing edge thickness will be greater than 2mm when I am finished fairing.  So... I'm told that to prevent humming when the boat is planing, the sides should be made asymmetric.   The following picture is from a web page that Menno kindly brought to my attention.  

Ian Farrier also describes this approach in his sailing hints document.