Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fairing starboard side float deck and gunwales

I've spent the last week fairing out the starboard side float deck and gunwales. My plan is to finish both port and starboard decks and then change out the supports for holding a float for access to the hulls and all that freeboard area on this design.

Step one was to apply beads of System Three quick fair across the deck. My fairing strategy is to sand these beads down with the flat long board (60 grit sandpaper) until the fiberglass on the hull is reached. The remaining high bead level indicates where and also the height to which fairing material has to be applied.

The above picture shows the beads sanded down. I was actually quite surprised at how much putty would be required to get the decks flat.

So I applied the fairing putty and filled the low areas. Sanding this first layer down did not yield a finished flat surface.
Here is the deck getting pretty close to finished. Still quite a bit of dust on the surface. I think I lost a couple of pounds this week working away on the long board.

A picture of the chain plates finally getting cleaned up and looking a bit more presentable.

Quick fair putty requires a sealing coat of epoxy. I plan to paint (2 part LPU) directly on this surface after some fine grit sanding. There will be no paint priming for the float decks. I hope the flatness of the deck will still be apparent when the non skid surface is applied.

This is how I will leave this float and do the same job on the port side.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pictures of float interiors

With the deck plates openings cut out, I was very interested to see how the float interiors look after the deck join. First impression: certainly looks like a home amateur build, but not bad for a first attempt. The floats seems strong and light enough on the inside and outside. I'm happy.

Starboard side float looking forward to the bow.

Port side float looking forward to the bow.

Starboard side float, looking forward from the hatch opening to the forward beam bulkhead.

Port side float looking forward from the hatch opening to the forward beam bulkhead.

Starboard side float looking back to aft beam bullhead.

Port side float looking back to aft beam bulkhead.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fitting wingnet rails, hatches and deck plates

I glued and taped the inner support parts for the wingnet rails.

They stand fine but in order to verify placement the cut outs for the deck plates and hatches have to be made.

Everything looks like they are in the right place. I was happy to note that simply clamping the rails in position have them standing at the correct height. The inner supports meet with the gunwale very nicely. It would appear however that I will have to provide more clearance for the side stays and lashings.

Next to fill in the deck cut out edges with putty and fair the deck before taping the rails on permanently.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Floats all glassed - ready for final fairing

Both decks are now glassed and the transoms have their final layer of s-glass. It is time to think about the strategy for fairing the outer float hulls. Do I fair the hulls before the deck?, and when should I attach the wingnet rails?

Above are the deck hatches and plates with the cut wingnet rails lying roughly in place. Just for economy of effort I will fair, cut the holes for the deck plates and hatches and attach the wingnet rails before attacking the hulls. After all, both decks are accessible just the way they are. I do believe I can safely fair the hull sides with the wingnet rails in place. But, as the blind man said, "we shall see'.

Here are the float transoms, ready for final fairing. If you look closely you can see the tiny 2mm hole near the centre top of each transom drilled clear through for ventilation.

The garage also needs a real good cleanup.