Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Float Centre and Transom Bulkhead Deck Flanges

Look, two float hulls in the rough! They are ready for sanding the keel to shape and getting the deck on.

The form frames and the battens have been removed and stored. The battens can be re-used on the main hull but the frames I'll store for a while even though they have served their full purpose. If anyone is building or thinking of building in the area these frames are available.

Two float hulls in the garage at the same time. I plan to do as much as I can simultaneously on both floats as I move towards finishing these off. They are first mounted up in the air so that I can get access to the bulkheads for some very important taping for the deck and beam joins.

Here is a view underneath showing the taping across on the centre beam. The centre and transom bulkhead taping is now complete.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Port side float joined

Here are 3 pictures showing the port side float in the process of being joined. It looks very much like the starboard float.

Clamps galore!

I use the dowel locations to verify everthing is line up properly.

This picture shows the putty fillet and 3 in wide tape on the rear bulkhead. You can see the keel join line taped through the access hole in the bulkhead.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Port side inner float half - bow stringer and chain plate pad - for the last time

This picture is a week or so old. It shows the planking complete and sanded smooth, ready for lamination. Lamination proceeded very smoothly. I again laminated with the s-glass cloth using the wet technique that I described earlier.

Lamination has been completed and I have laid down the putty bed, ready for the bow stringer to be bonded into place.

I always place weights on the foam stringer to ensure that some bonding pressure is being applied.

Here you can see the fit of the chain plate pad to the float hull.

And here is the foam pad bedded with putty to the hull. You can also see the extra layer of cloth cut so that the s-glass fibers are at 45 degrees.

The below pictures show the stringer and chainplate pad fully covered. The port side float is now ready for joining.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

New build book arrives

Canada Post took there own sweet time time as usual, but finally, today, the new build book from Ian Farrier arrived. I am very very impressed with the quality (colour laser printing) and the detail of these plans.

The new material is exceptional and in many areas the concepts are presented three dimensionally.

Hurray!, I now have the pleasure of studying new material.

Kudos to Ian for presenting his first class design so clearly.