Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More thoughts on vacuum bagging the panels

I made the decision at one point to first cut the foam panels out to the exact size of Ian Farriers full size templates and then laminate them. Over all, this has been successful approach. However, I have seen some evidence of the following issues where I might try to do better on future flat panel laminations.

  1. Peeling off the peel ply has resulted in lifting the laminate off slightly from an edge of the foam. It's been rare and I have tended to blame myself in getting carried away with the peel. After all, the ripping sound and required muscular effort in pulling the peel ply material off the laminate is quite therapeutic.
  2. The 90 degree corner of the foam probably weakens the laminate at the edge. Farriers build manual does warn about this issue.
So, next time I will laminate over sized foam panels by an inch or so and then cut them to the exact size with a jigsaw after lamination.

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