Sunday, June 17, 2007

Starboard float halves joined - looking fair

Everything was glued and taped except the forward bow bulkhead.

So to get better access to the bow bulkhead for gluing and taping I broke out the float hull from the form frame battens and removed the deck side mold plates.

With this final joining done and while the epoxy was curing I took literally 10 minutes to fair off the foam on the inner side hull with a flexible long board.

I am quite pleased how fair the foam actually looks with this small effort. The glue joints seem to be sitting slightly proud but it all seems to sand very easy. This must be an advantage of using the polyurethane glue to join the foam strips. I also roughly trimmed off the extra foam and laminate on stern inner side.

Looking forward to lifting this float hull out and getting on with the port side inner half. The last float half.

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