Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Float Centre and Transom Bulkhead Deck Flanges

Look, two float hulls in the rough! They are ready for sanding the keel to shape and getting the deck on.

The form frames and the battens have been removed and stored. The battens can be re-used on the main hull but the frames I'll store for a while even though they have served their full purpose. If anyone is building or thinking of building in the area these frames are available.

Two float hulls in the garage at the same time. I plan to do as much as I can simultaneously on both floats as I move towards finishing these off. They are first mounted up in the air so that I can get access to the bulkheads for some very important taping for the deck and beam joins.

Here is a view underneath showing the taping across on the centre beam. The centre and transom bulkhead taping is now complete.

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Dave Lalonde said...

Hi Grant,
still following your progress.
Great work!
I'm working on a geophysics project with composite structures, and the supplier of the composite parts recommended a cutting tool. It's called a 'body saw', looks like a tiny sawzall, is pneumatic and uses pieces of hacksaw blade. The blades can be cut with tin snips, and pointed for piercing. Princess Auto sells them. Wear neoprene gloves to protect your hands from vibration.