Sunday, August 26, 2007

Float foam fairing continues

Having the floats side by side in the garage is working out OK. I get full access to one side of each float. When I want to work on the other side I pull them out from the garage and turn them around.

I've cut out the templates at the 3 positions the plans provided but I'm finding that working the keel to a shape that matches the hulls adjacent curve gets you very close.

Along the keel I am only using the long board. I'm sure I would be putting hills and valleys into the keel line if I used a power tool.

I still have to fill all the screw holes and fair down the foam a bit more. For whatever reason I can see that where the foam strips were glued it resulted in a slight high point. I have to admit though that whatever I did, I was very consistent on all the float halves. To bring these down just a bit I have used the power orbital sander down all the glue seams.

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