Sunday, April 06, 2008

Main hull bulkhead outlines transferred to the foam

It is not very exciting work, but transferring the full size plan outlines to the foam is challenging in its own way. The many bulkheads parts have to located in the sheets, then they have to be correctly aligned and taped together. I've used 8"x11" size sheets of carbon paper, this means that on some of the larger bulkheads there are 'many' carbon sheets to keep underneath the lines that you want to transfer. Not a difficult job, but tedious.

Here is a picture of one of the sheets of foam with the bulkhead shapes ready cutting out and laminating. You can see that I go over the carbon trace with a permanent marker.

I'm thinking about doing these panels differently from the float bulkheads. Back then I cut the parts to the exact size and proceeded with the two sided vacuum bagging technique. This time I may cut the parts with about an inch or so of extra material around the perimeter. Then after lamination cut them down to the exact size. I'm also thinking that since my 'hand lay ups' with peel ply and plastic is getting so good I just may carry on with this technique on these panels.

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