Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rudder blade all laminated

The plans call for an extra layer of fabric around the top of the rudder blade and down the leading edge.  I decided to apply this reinforcement before the final complete wrap.   

Then the wrap of carbon fabric went on in one piece.  I also had some light weight fiberglass cloth (It seemed too light to be 6oz, it is probably 3.7oz) and applied this as the final layer for abrasion resistance.  

It would have been a good thing to use peel ply on this final wrap.  Just using plastic results in excess resin sitting on top of the fabric here and there.  But the final result is not bad for a hand layup.

I'm fairly happy with the final shape.  The overall thickness might be a mm thicker than the plans template,  and the trailing edge might be ~3.5mm thick.

The blade weight is 4.78 lbs and with the laminations complete  I can now move onto the rudder sleeve.  In this part the blade will actually be used as a mold.


Anonymous said...

Hi Grant , be careful with your trailing edge thickness . 3.5mm sounds a bit much to me and will result in rudder hum at even quite modest speeds . I would suggest 2mm as a maximum . Cheers , Jim Buckland .

GK said...

Hum.... Something I have yet to experience, being a slow mono-huller up to this point. Ian gives the hint to file one edge, that results in an asymmetry, but gives no dimensions. I'll be careful about this. Thanks Jim.
Grant, in the dead of a frozen white winter.

Menno said...

My rudder has about the same thickness at the trailing edge. Maybe I'd better do something about it as well; it's a shame the rudder has already been painted.

Grant, (how) did you manage to get the trailing edge less thick? I guess it's only possible to taper the last cm or so, els you'll sand through the sheating......


GK said...

Menno, I haven't taken any action yet, but I was thinking of shaping the last half centimeter or so. I'd loose a bit of carbon but the edge is all hard putty so I thought it would be OK.