Saturday, May 02, 2009

Daggerboard and rudder mostly done

I've painted the daggerboard and rudder now, with a number of coats of the 2 part Interlux VC performance epoxy.  To apply, I simply used a foam roller and tried to cover with as little paint as possible.  Next time I will to use a foam brush to see if I can get an even smoother application. Of course, the rolling does not finish smooth and does require post wet sanding.  As they are now,  I am still working with 400 grit but they can still be taken a lot farther.  However, at this point they look like they will work out OK so I might leave them like this for the time being and move on to the next step, cutting the form frames for the main hull.

I highly recommend the performance epoxy, it does wet sand very well and I think the product is perfect for parts just like this, that are under the waterline and need to be very smooth.  

I weighed the daggerboard, it's about 16 lbs.

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barnone said...

I haven't used the interlux but have a lot of experience with 2-parts and brushing. With Sterling for instance, you get their brushing thinner/conditioner. You let the 2-part start to kick until it gets to a good brushing consistency, then you use the foam roller and go every direction which spreads the paint at a consistent level. The trick is roll like crazy every direction on a patch, then come back with a foam brush and tip it in one direction over what you just rolled. Did an entire 40' catamaran like that and the results were glossy. Juts as good as spraying. You project looks awesome. I wish I had the time and will to build something that large.