Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Main hull form frames cut

Well, it's been an interesting lean inexpensive but healthy summer. I sold my Northstar 26 sloop on Georgian Bay, hiked daily with the dogs on the trails, and became an expert again at job hunting and doing interviews.

The only progress I can report is that I have the form frames for the main hull now cut out in plywood.

This was a reality check for the family on the true size of the F22, small, but small is becoming beautiful again and I am still quite sure this is the right boat for me at this time. It looks like I will be building the main hull in the back yard and I have purchased the build tent and prepared the back yard area. However, it may not be until the crack of next spring before I start building the strongback up again. I still have some flat panels to make and I may make this the first priority.

I have the daggerboard, daggerboard case, full rudder assembly and many small parts and bulkheads for the main hull already complete so my aim is make the main hull build a true kit building experience that goes very fast over one summer.


Luis Matos said...

Hi Grant,

I'm glad you somehow got back to the wonderful madness of amateur boat building.
Times seem to be getting better all around.

Good luck.


Roger said...

Welcom back to the club...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the club...

Tor Rabe said...

I second the welcomes. I was actually a bit surprised to see how big the boat is once I got it out of the frames and keel down. I'm sure you find lots of small things you can do during winter. I will hopefully get my foils done, with a baby in the house I have to spend some time at home and I will do what ever possible in my hobby room.