Sunday, May 13, 2007

Third float half foam planked

I suspect this will be the starboard side outer half that I will be joining shortly with the first half I completed with the chain plate mounting (for an inner side float).

Again, planking was straight forward. It took two half days of work with the normal interruptions. The dogs, the phone, the kids! (nope, they are teenagers now) I started in the centre and worked down to the stern. Next day, I cut another sheet into planks and finished the job towards the bow. If you were really motivated you could do it all in one day. As with all work you develop a pace sequencing through the steps required to get each foam strip into place.

I do think it is easier to plank without the deck flange mold plate in place. There is some extra work remaining to trim on this side but it is all at once and with this technique there is no tendency to push and stress the foam into a space that is too small!

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