Thursday, May 08, 2008

Mast step parts

As a favour to me, a friend from my previous workplace machined the mast step parts on his own time for me. At this price :) I could not turn this offer down, and as it happens they turned out very good indeed. It shows that CNC cutting is not necessary to make any of these parts. A decent quality mill with encoder feedback is all that is needed. I recommend that other builders print out the fabricated parts drawings with no scaling on the printer so that the part shape is actual. This will help the machinist and yourself verify the part contours are correct.

I am somewhat saddened that I could not make a batch of parts as I had offered earlier to the builder's group. Maybe Ian Farrier could be persuaded to make these parts in a batch as he is making the folding system kit. His new online store looks very professional and he is promising to expand his offering for the F22.

Below are a couple of pictures showing the parts laid out and some actually standing more or less in place. It is an intriguing mast step design.

Next step is to get the parts welded together.

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