Monday, May 05, 2008

Spring activitiy begins - start the push to finish float laminations.

It has been a very busy and stressful spring up to this point and it has been bothering me that I have not updated this blog for about half a month. A couple of things have happened
1) I resigned from my old company and I have just accepted a position in a new one. Sometimes you just have to make a change, however, I'm not the kind of person who makes this kind of change easily. The new job looks amazing and is a very good fit for me.
2) I've listed our Northstar 600 sloop for sale. We have spent the last few weekends cleaning and making sure she presents herself well. A few pictures of 'Gwaihir' can be seen here.

But back to F22 boat building.

I have the outside laminations complete on one float except for the deck and the transom. My plan is get the other float to the same point so that I can work on the decks with the floats side by side. Below are a couple of pictures of the float getting some extra heat into the resin on a sunny day. Using two people and two bathroom scales the float looks to weigh around 106lbs at this point. Still have the deck and transom to go.

Next the flying float gets lowered into the supports for lamination and the other one gets itself strapped up high.

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