Sunday, June 22, 2008

Starboard side float deck laminated

Yesterday I started laying out and cutting the cloth (2 layers of 8.9 oz) to cover one float deck. This time the cloth pieces are cut for the full length of the float and the cloth pieces for the extra reinforcements as required.

I decided to go for it and was able to finish the full deck in one go, all by myself. I was back in the house for a glass of wine (or two) by 7:00PM - well deserved.

Above are various shots of the resulting surface revealed today after stripping off the peel ply.

There are a few air bubbles this time I will have to deal with. But overall I am very happy to have one hull more or less fully glassed. One layer of cloth on the transom remains.

With the boys I made another rough weight estimate. (Two guys on bathroom scales minus there own weight. The float seems to weigh around 110lbs, just around the theoretical weight given by Ian Farrier. If this weight is accurate then I am very happy indeed. I was hoping that the 8.9 oz s-glass interior cloth and using two layers of 8.9 oz cloth exterior would save me some weight - and maybe it has.

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