Monday, July 14, 2008

Floats all glassed - ready for final fairing

Both decks are now glassed and the transoms have their final layer of s-glass. It is time to think about the strategy for fairing the outer float hulls. Do I fair the hulls before the deck?, and when should I attach the wingnet rails?

Above are the deck hatches and plates with the cut wingnet rails lying roughly in place. Just for economy of effort I will fair, cut the holes for the deck plates and hatches and attach the wingnet rails before attacking the hulls. After all, both decks are accessible just the way they are. I do believe I can safely fair the hull sides with the wingnet rails in place. But, as the blind man said, "we shall see'.

Here are the float transoms, ready for final fairing. If you look closely you can see the tiny 2mm hole near the centre top of each transom drilled clear through for ventilation.

The garage also needs a real good cleanup.

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