Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fitting wingnet rails, hatches and deck plates

I glued and taped the inner support parts for the wingnet rails.

They stand fine but in order to verify placement the cut outs for the deck plates and hatches have to be made.

Everything looks like they are in the right place. I was happy to note that simply clamping the rails in position have them standing at the correct height. The inner supports meet with the gunwale very nicely. It would appear however that I will have to provide more clearance for the side stays and lashings.

Next to fill in the deck cut out edges with putty and fair the deck before taping the rails on permanently.


bucko00014 said...

Don't go chopping up your rails in haste , remember the bottoms of the float hulls are angled out quite a lot at the bottom . Regards , Jim Buckland .

GK said...

Hi Jim,
I am not sure what you mean. I have only lightened the rails as per Ian's drawings and other builders examples.
I have left the wingnet rail supports long and will only trim them when they are glued in place on the float hull side just below the gunwale.
Cheer, Grant