Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fairing float hull sides

My float hull sides are actually pretty fair to start with. So like Roger Bonnet I decided to fair the hull sides by applying thin skim coats of fairing putty. After a couple of coats, applied with a wide 6" trowel and fairing with the long board, the hull looked pretty smooth. I found the best way to see/identify the low areas was to look for the differences in light scattering.

I try to apply putty sparingly to minimize the amount of material I seem to sand off the boat.

Here is the hull after 5 applications. No obvious low spots. It is true that you can sand System Three Quickfair putty after 4 hours, it is quick curing. The problem is to find the strength and stamina in yourself to keep working. I find that I am sanding hard for 20 minutes, resting for 20 minutes and so on.....

At a point you say it is good enough and wipe all the dust off, and pronounce it ready for the thin sealing coat of epoxy resin.

Completely off topic, here is a link to an interesting mashup between google and nautical maps. Pretty soon our smart phones will be all we need for sea navigation.


Ross said...

Hi - I've been watching your build progress closely. Great job, hope to start my own some time soon. Regarding your comments relating to looking for low spots, I have previously found spraying the surface with a thin layer of mat black paint (let dry) and then run over with the sanding board will show up high and low spots really well. I have not built a boat on this scale however I have repaired many banged up cats and have found it to be excellent. You may have already tried it. regards, Ross

GK said...

Hello Ross,
I've heard about this technique but I have never actually tried it. So far I have seen that there is a difference in colour (or gloss) that tells you where the long board has not abraded the fairing putty.

I think that I am fairing the hulls adequately, but as a novice builder I'm never sure until I see the final part.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the NOAA link. Been "navigating" the Pacific Northwest (re: Jays link to Tony Bigras' travel photos) on my 24" screen. Just wonderful !!

Cheers Ari