Sunday, November 30, 2008

Two more F-22's launched

Ian Farrier has posted pictures of two more F-22's launched in Australia and the Philippines.  The pictures can be seen here.

I suspect we will see more Farrier trimarans coming out of Melvest Marine.  If you check the link to their web site you can download a pricing spreadsheet for your very own F-22, if you want. Anyway,  I am still waiting for good pictures of an F-22 sailing hard with the screacher flying from the bow pole.

Work on the rudder is going well and I should have an update very soon. 


Anonymous said...

Hello Grant and others,

more Photo's of "Kermit" - the Melvest f22 can be seen at :

Regards, Hans

GK said...

Thank you very much for the link. Some of your pictures are very useful and very motivating.

Quick question, the close up picture of your rudder blade looks like it is deeper than the plan size. Mine is at 1296 mm in over all length. Did you extend this dimension for performance reasons?