Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Winter is for building smaller parts

Well, I did have to get the primer parts (the paint) warm using a pail of hot water, but I was able to finish off the port side float to the same point as the starboard float.  They will both need sanding, perhaps more primer - then the topcoat.  After that they will just need the hardware.

I've now covered them with a plastic sheet and tarps for winter.  Hopefully the winter will not be like last years - way too much snow!  But the good thing about storing hulls in your back yard is that you can watch them closely.  There will be no snow loading on these hulls allowed.

So now with the floats tucked away I can concentrate on winter work.   My overall plan is to have as much of the smaller parts done before the main hull is started in the spring.   Here is a quick list of work that I am starting to think about.
  • Finish fairing and painting the daggerboard.
  • Work on the rudder, rudder case and all the associated parts.
  • Main 'pop up' cabin top.
  • Finish laminating all the flat panels.
Hopefully the main hull will go together like a kit.


Anonymous said...

Are those the bathroom towels that will be hidden away till spring?


Menno said...

Hi Grant,

You might consider waiting with the pop top until you've laminated the main hull. It's easy to make the pop top using the section of the deck you cut out after laminating. I did, it's on my blog. The cutout section already has the right shape (curve), you just need to add some extra cm's foam at the edges.


GK said...

Menno, thanks, I had not really thought about it that much. It makes sense to use the cut out. I'm working on the rudder gudgeons and web right now.
I always check out your site, Tors and Jays before starting anything new.

Mike Paulding said...


Congratulations! You gave birth to identical twins! They look beautiful and serve as motivation for me. I have a feeling that the third child is going to be quite a bit bigger :)

Thanks for maintaining such an informative blog.


GK said...

Thanks for the kind comments Mike, The next one will indeed need a larger operating room, I'm afraid my single car garage does not have enough height.