Monday, February 16, 2009

Final laminations on the rudder case

Just a quick post to show the final laminations on the rudder case.  In preparation I smoothed everything out with the lighter weight QuickFair putty.

And then in one session I added the remaining layers of carbon fiber cloth and uni-directional.  I can see why people love to work with carbon fiber  The resulting patterns from the weave are most attractive.  One other comment.  You have to be careful cutting the cloth to size with the loose weave of the carbon cloth.  It will fall apart.  Orientation of the fibers at 45 degrees is also interesting as the cloth will stretch like an accordian in the most extreme way.

As it stands currently it weighs 1.8 lbs.  

Now I have to think about attaching the stub for the tiller extension.  The foam is rough cut to size but I have to shape it to the profile of the sleeve itself. Then more wrapping in carbon fiber.

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