Sunday, March 08, 2009

Slots in the bow web - another part waiting for a main hull.

This week I finished cutting the slots in the bow web that I first laminated a long time ago now. There is a project management saying that there are 3 descriptors for a project,  'fast, cheap and good'.  You can take any two.  It certainly looks like my methodology is following the priorities of cheapness and quality.  At least I certainly hope I am holding to some quality.   I'm certainly not fast.  In terms of materials I do not mind paying a little extra for quality but these costs come along infrequent enough that they are not noticable.

Anyway,  I found another use for the cut out scrap from the wingnet rail, washers for the chainplate slots.

I made sure that the width of the slots took into account Ian's comments on a builders update. The slot for the Precourt deadeye (optional dedicated forestay) and the two slots for furling systems (jib and genoa) will easily accomodate a Furling system that will accomodate a clevis pin.  It looks like Precourt Systems have developed an appropriate unit and I will definitely be using sails and rigging to support roller furling.  No more hanking sails on and off.   But,  I do need to learn more about endless line furling and sails that can eliminate the need  for a dedicated forestay.  I found  some very interesting pictures at Sigi Stiemer's F33 site.  I had never thought or heard about using a double mainsheet system to replace the traveller, thats very interesting.  Would it be possible to put a self tacking jib system on the F22?   Interesting questions.  Anyway, here is the finished bow web.

Everything was done by the books, all the exposed foam was dug out a bit and  sealed with high density putty and covered with a layer of lightweight fiberglass cloth.   The G10 tube was also glued into the part for the bow pole pin.  The whole part weighs about 1.4lbs.

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Luis Matos said...

Hi Grant,
You seem to be doing a pretty good job there.
I´m just about to start my F22 #99 here in Portugal.
I wonder if you could give me a hint of where to get the G10 glass tube. I'm going crazzy around the net and just can't find it.