Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fiberglass washers in the sidestay chain plates

I had a thought the other day when I was cutting off the perimeter b side laminate from the float decks. Why not use this fiberglass to make the washers for the chain plates? So I did. My washers consist of 4 layers of the 9 oz s-glass.
I made a number of these washer disks and glued them into place with some scrap pieces of foam sandwiched in, slightly compressed, clamping the two washers firmly into place. I used an epoxy resin and cabosil mixture for the glue. A couple of the extra disks are posing with the chainplate.

With the foam removed.

And now shaped with the hole for the s.s. pin carefully drilled. It also looks like I've hit the inner slot width dimension almost bang on at 17 mm. You can also see that the second length of deck has been fitted. It is upside down and really belongs to the other float, but you can see the high density core cell around the chain plate.

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