Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Float decks

Well, here it is in later September and I'm still plugging away at getting the float decks on. I never said that I would be the fastest build, I'm just trying to make steady progress.

I've worked at one of the bow caps. There is still a small amount of work to be done. I first used the planer, then sander and finally the long board. I was exceedingly cautious with this work. It seems to me if you follow the hull lines you will end up with an appropriate radius on the leading edge.

Laminated forward deck sections with the high density inserts. While the s-glass was still green I cut and removed the covering around the deck perimeter as per specification.

Here is a close up view of the 9 oz s-glass where I cut it away from the edge.

I'm fitting the deck in 3 pieces. I have 'paused to think' at the middle section where there is an option for for a large access hatch between the shroud and forward beam bulkheads for storage. There are low cost plastic hatches available that weigh 3.5 lbs, but I think that I have decided to make my own. Roger's F22 build pictures did inspire me. They will be simple light and flush with the deck.

We did weigh the floats without the decks on. At this point they both weigh about 65 lbs.


Roger Bonnot said...

Hello Grant,
I can only welcome your decision to build your own access hatches. ;-)
However, in the same time I must warn you.
There is a lot extra work to finish yours own access hatches covers.

Roger Bonnot

Grant said...

Yes, Roger I appreciate your comment. But I have another question. I noticed that you chose to make only the custom smaller circular deck plates. No large access hatch for storage. Not experienced in trimaran ways, I'm wondering if storage access in the floats is even practical? Do they get wet? Should I be designing some kind of hold down like Tor has?

Jay said...

fwiw, I added the large hatches in the floats based on advice from Ed, that they would be useful for storing wet stuff like fender buoys. I didn't spend the time to do the false-floor netting though, with the final use in mind.

Those large hatch compartments might also work as a brig for smaller-sized mutinous crew members too.


Grant said...

Well, that's what I am thinking too. Wet gear, rope, bumpers, clothes appropriately bagged etc - all relatively soft stuff.

For sure, I am going to give this section an extra coat of resin before the deck goes on.