Sunday, September 16, 2007

Still preparing to attach the float decks

The checking off of tasks in preparation for attaching the float decks continues.

  1. The deck stiffeners for the two floats have been glued and cut to shape. They are now ready to cut to final length.
  2. The Al tapping plate in the float bows have been glued and locked into place with fiberglass tape.
  3. The vent holes have been drilled into the shroud and forward beam bulkheads.
  4. I have decided to put the deck on in three pieces. The forward bow pieces have been cut out and the high density inserts put into place. This first section will extend from the bow cap back past the forward beam bulkhead. Just far enough back to accept the extra lamination around the bulkhead.

Here are multiple layers of foam strips clamped and glued to make the proper deck stiffener thickness. (Every other layer is glued here.) Also shown is the polyurethane adhesive that I have been using to glue foam to foam when it will be covered with glass.

Here are the first little metal bits going into the boat. These will serve as tapping plates for the forward bow deck eye. There is no way once the deck is on to get an arm up into this part of the boat. These 3/16" Al parts each weigh well under an ounce. I think that I can handle that.

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