Monday, September 03, 2007

Getting the floats upright

The keel shaping and float foam fairing is getting pretty close to done. The floats are slowly turning more blue than brown. So.... I've convinced myself I can right the floats to

  1. Inspect and clean up the interior laminations.
  2. Add the bow compression strut in both floats.
  3. Get the chain plates on the mounts.
  4. Glue on the bow caps and do the shaping.
  5. Get the deck on.

I want to keep to the strategy to working on both floats (more or less) at the same time. So I've used the form frame templates to cut out these duo support frames.

In no time at all they are Both upright in the garage. I have to admit I took a few moments to have a look at these (floats still with great potential) structures in this orientation for the first time.

First thing I did was to cut and sand down the transoms.

And again take another moment to pre-visualize the floats in their finished state.

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