Saturday, October 06, 2007

F-22R cuddy cabin with cowling

Ian Farrier sent out a major release of 21 new drawings yesterday. Just in time for our Canadian thanksgiving long weekend. I now have lots of winter work (work in the basement, as if I did not have enough).

  • The long dagger board rudder drawings are now here.
  • A very good design for a flush access hatch is even included.
  • Most interesting are the sail plans for the two versions of F-22. The standard and racing rig plans are now here.
I'm sure that every builder finishing the floats is asking themselves which version of the main hull am I going to build? The F-22R rig with the 5 foot taller carbon fiber mast looks really, well really right.

It has made me consider building the simpler, faster small cuddy cabin version. I'll wait to see how heavy my floats end up.

I have added the small line drawing profile of the F-22R with the cuddy cabin and tall rig as it now seems to be my favorite.

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