Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gunwale radii

I'm not sure if the idea originated with Jay or Henny's build sites but I have found the sand board made from a section of tubing to work very well indeed. I can't remember where I first saw it used. I showed the tool to Monica and she thinks that the originator is very clever. I agree. It allows me to mindlessly sand away without fear of screwing up a 1.5" radius on the gunwale.

First I used the sander to put a chamfer on the edge. I scribed a line on the deck ~ 18 mm in from the edge to use as a guide to make this a uniform chamfer. Once this hard work is done with the power tool, it doesn't take too much to manually sand in the final radius. I admit that I am finding areas on the gunwale where there are voids in visible surface of the join that will have to be filled.

I'm about 3/4's done and then I have to finish off the bow cap shape. That all done I can think about laminating the deck. I would like to keep a promise to myself and start the vacuum bagging again for the highest quality on the outside laminations.

This will require a greater effort in preparation and a purchase of more bagging materials.

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