Sunday, October 14, 2007

Interesting links for mast and hot wire cutting

Where to source my wing section carbon fiber mast?
Now that I have the mast plan I've taken some time to source suppliers for this carbon fiber wing section mast.
I've found a local supplier here in Ontario.
U-Spar (Canada ltd)
And a larger enterprise in the U.S.
Forte Carbon Fiber Products
Tor has indicated where he is sourcing this spar. How about the builders in North America? Any other options? Comments and emails always welcome.

I'm also planning my winter projects
1) Finish the dagger board case
2) Make the rudder and dagger board
Will I hot wire the sections?
Here is a link to the equipment at Aerospace composite products


biol said...

Hi Grant.
I'm too thinking about hotwiring my foils. I did that for my 15' dingy rudder, in blue styrofoam:

Very light compared to a wood cored rudder blade, still working after 6 years :-)

I read somewhere that PVC fumes are very toxic ! Plenty of ventilation needed (no easy in winter, but ...) Happy building

Grant said...
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Grant said...

Hi Biol,
Glad to hear that you have experience with the technique. Don't be surprised if you get a question or two from me later on. I am a duffer learning these skills as they are required.