Friday, October 26, 2007

Feast or Famine

Well, I've seen other F22 bloggers lament the time spent on their day job. Guess it is my turn. Hard to get work done on the boat when you're spending 12 hrs a day away from the house. It always seems to be this way, feast or famine, for a small engineering automation company. Tomorrow I get to say hello to the floats and finish off the bow cap shapes and gunwale sanding.


Tor Rabe said...

I know what you mean. There will be better times (at least I keep telling myself that) ;-)

Grant said...

Hi Tor,
Our Canadian winter is starting to set in and everything is taking longer in my unheated garage. It's depressing when I see and hear about builders sprinting ahead on their main hulls. I just take it one step at a time, push as hard as I can, but refrain from rushing and sacrificing any build quality.

biol said...

Hi Grant,
nice to know you are in automation, too ! I own a "micro" company (me and another) and we write software (SCADA, optimization, accounting system interfacing) in Delphi for Windows PC (no PLC) using OPC and modBus protocol. 12 ours/day are the norm when I'm on field, only 10 when in my office, where I often spend saturday morning.

Sorry for the OT, but I think it may be useful to know fellows' skills

Grant said...

Hi Biol,
I manage projects at Sterner Automation
My background is in applied laser physics and medical instrumentation, I managed to scam a physics PhD a few years ago.
If you are are interested, you can google-patents some of my old work by typing in Grant Kinsman.