Thursday, November 22, 2007

Carbon fiber mast poll

I've removed the poll as it was clear that there is definite interest in a group purchase of the 35' F22R carbon fiber mast. Ian Farrier has also made a comment on Nov. 10th in the yahoo F-boat forum regarding a group purchase of F22-R masts and a special Al extrusion specifically for the F22.

"If you don't need your F-22 mast immediately then I would advise holding off for a while. I will be getting to mast options soon, and with so many boats in the pipeline it may be possible to do a bulk buy on F-22R carbon masts for the benefit of all builders.

I will also be looking at designing and extruding a specific aluminum mast for the F-22, one that has the optimum properties and least amount of weight for that purpose. The numbers could be such that a container load of masts can then be shipped to major population areas keeping prices to a minimum.

I used to arrange mast group buys in Brisbane for the Trailertri series, and at that time was able to supply mast sections for around $150 each. Will not get even close to that now, but I think it will be possible to do a lot better than builders buying individually."
I for one will wait and see what he will come up with.


Jim Shula said...


I just found your blog. When do you plan to start on the main hull? I'm in Portland, Maine, and just set up the forms for the main hull of an F-22, and am looking for someone who's at about the same stage to compare notes with.


Anonymous said...

Hi Grant , picked up my mast on Thursday , it is 150mm x 97mm with 3.3mm walls . Total weight including a metre of sleeve section for the join is 19.2kg . Looks terrific , will send some pictures next week . Regards , Jim Buckland .

GK said...

2 Jims,
Hello Jim Shula, you should check out Jay's site at
or Menno's build at

We have also started a google group site at
where you can ask a bunch us questions at the same time. Feel free to join the group. We are a fine group of F22 building individuals from all over the planet.
Keep in touch,