Wednesday, November 07, 2007

U-Spar estimate on the F22 carbon fiber mast

I received a response from U-Spar at regarding my
inquiry for a carbon fiber mast for the F-22. They do not have a

section small enough for the F-22 although they would consider making
a mold for an order for 3 or more masts. They state that "Our masts
are made with alternating layers of uni-directional pre-preg,
typically with 65 - 75% of the fibres in the 0 axis, and the remainder
at + & - 45 deg. This combination gives by far the highest
longitudinal stiffiness to weight ratio, combined with high torsional
strength. Point-load areas, such as tangs, winch pads etc., and cut-
outs for halyard exits etc. are all substantially reinforced." But
they admit for a small mast they are probably not price competitive.
They estimate the price for a complete mast, including the rotator
cup, painted and ready to go, would be in the region of $8,750 Cdn,
with a 10% discount for 3 or more masts.

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Good for people to know.