Thursday, November 08, 2007

Results of plastic on peel ply

Here is the bow cap with the plastic and peel ply off. The 2 layers of my B spec. 9 oz s-glass fiberglass cloth cannot really be seen. Only the little goatee at the keel bow curve indicates the presence of the cloth. I am actually very impressed. I will carry on with this technique. The addition of the plastic and the extra squeezing appears to really enhance the laminate quality.

The Mas epoxy seems to work OK. Curing time is shorter compared to the Aeropoxy resin and it is very clear. They advertise Mas as a good moisture barrier, which is why it is going on the outside. The Aeropoxy resin has amazing high temperature and mechanical properties which is why I have used it on the interior and structural parts of the floats.

I've been making extra efforts these days to do a little bit every day on the floats in the garage. So far a wee bit of heat from the infra red heaters is all I need. Last year I could work outside till Christmas time. I hope the weather this year is similar. I dearly want to get the outside of the floats laminated and start thinking about the main hull.

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