Sunday, November 25, 2007

Laminate quality

I'm posting a couple of pictures that show the surface features of the laminate. It is not easy to get the camera to focus at this distance. I'm interested in getting some comments on the quality of laminate that I am producing and the 'dry' or 'air bubble' features that I am seeing.

Above is a good area.

Do I need to repair an area like this? The glass is hard, well adhered to the foam and there is no obvious bubble dome. Comments?

Here is the next section with peel ply and plastic on the glass.
I've purchased some white peel ply and I have to admit I like it a lot better than than the black. Visibility as the peel ply goes transparent is obviously much better. I'm just doing one more 50" length section on the hull until I have a better handle on the technique.


Menno said...

It's difficult to see on the photo, but if the laminate is hard, well adhered and has no air underneath I would probably leave it, especially since it's such a small spot. More so since the whole skin with the dry-ish spots will be covered with more epoxy (+glassbubbles) when fairing the hull.
This is just the way I would judge it on my own boat, and by no means an expert opinion.

GK said...

Hi Menno,
Thanks for commenting. I am thinking the same as you. I just wanted to get a check because I am certainly no expert either.

I white peel ply has really helped to give more visibility and these small areas are getting rarer.