Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Daggerboard construction starts with the construction of the basic foam block.

It's too cold to work in the garage so I decided to build up the daggerboard from two layers of 25mm thick corecell A450 offcuts from Noahsmarine in the basement. The offcuts are in 46 in lengths so joining the foam sheets was the first task to complete. If you look closely below you can see that I use sharp little tooth picks to help keep the foam sheets in line while the polyurethane glue cures.

Once the foam sheets are together I've used an weak epoxy resin cabosil mixture to glue the two sheets together to get to the required 50 mm thickness for the daggerboard. You will note that I have laid down a sheet of 9 oz glass cloth down what will be the trailing edge of the board. This will be to provide extra strength in this thin section.

Then they are clamped together.

Next is the transfer of the daggerboard profile to the foam, and the areas that require high density inserts.

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