Saturday, December 08, 2007

Daggerboard high density and core cut outs.

I had to get a longer blade for the jigsaw but the areas for cutting out went very quick. On the left is the core piece that was cut out. I will reuse most of it except for the 16 in that need to be high density. Next step is to cut out all the pieces of high density material (I need to stack 5 layers of the 10mm thick a1200 high density foam) and fill up the holes that I have created.

The MDF on the left is soon to become the molds for the wingnet rails and supports.

I had a pleasant but short visit today from Jim and Doug MacKenzie who are building their F22 in London Ontario. They let me know that planking the main hull goes very fast. Comforting, if I can ever finish the floats and get to that point.


biol said...

Hi Grant ! That daggerboard is big !
May I ask why you removed the central spine BEFORE shaping ? I agree with you about inserting the other HD pieces and then shaping, but maybe the central core ... I was thinking to remove it after making the flats for the carbon UNI.

GK said...

Hmm... I can see what your thinking. It did not occur to me to do it that way.

Biol, I'm not sure that with the board all faired you would want to gut the structure like that. The patient might not survive! I prefer to get all the coarse work done before moving on to the fine.

My order of operation goes something like
1) get all the high density and central core back into the block. The central core will be wrapped and reduced in thickness to create the rebate for the uni-dir carbon fiber.
2)Cut the outer profile of the board. I'm leaving the ends of the board long so that I can hold the board while fairing and sheathing. Widen the rebate around the central rebate to make the 4 in width.
3)Fair the board.
4)Wrap the first laminate layer.
5)Apply the unidirectional
5)Wrap the final laminate layer.

biol said...

Grant, "fine follows coarse" is a logical strategy. I liked your sequence, in particular the idea of keeping the ends as long as possibile to hold the board while working on it. Thanks for sharing !

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