Monday, December 17, 2007

Daggerboard core lamination

I am continuing to learn that much of boat building, it seems, is in the preparation of an operation. Like a doctor one must surgically prepare the 6oz. twill carbon cloth at +-45 degrees, cut the peel ply and plastic, put on the blue gloves and mix the epoxy.

Above you can see the core foam with the high density insert in the centre.

I am not a fan of wrapping fiberglass around objects. This time I decided to use the plastic over the peel ply so that I could wrap the laminate tightly with packing tape.

Note the taper in the lower foam piece. I had to carefully reduce the thickness of the pieces to a) allow for the rebate for the uni carbon fiber and b) to accommodate the reduced thickness of the daggerboard sections as you go down.

The operation went well and here are the 3 sections of the core. I'm debating whether I need to join them before inserting them into the foam. Peeling the ply was quite difficult and next time I will make sure some ply does not get saturated, to give a reasonable location to start peeling without having to dig.
Here are the inserts back in the foam block. Next step is to glue/bond them into place, cut a rough perimeter and start the fairing.

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