Saturday, December 29, 2007

More daggerboard fairing and preparation for sheathing

I found the templates traced and cut out from the full sized plans to be very useful. I used hardboard from one of the boy's old school projects. Above you can see that I could actually get them to all stand up on their own. At this point I was getting close to final shape.
On each side of the trailing edge I cut the foam down to the fiberglass cloth that I had laid down when gluing the two foam pieces together. I then filled up the edge with fairing putty. Same process for the other side. I thought that this worked out very well.

The rotary tool showing at the top of the picture allows me to make rebates far easier. Santa was good to me this year. The above rebate is for the carbon cloth. My 50" wide cloth will not allow covering in one piece with the fibers at +- 45 degrees. You can also see the putty on the trailing edge, the larger rebate for the uni fiber and the core still showing, wrapped with the carbon fiber.

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