Saturday, March 22, 2008

Daggerboard outer sheathing

To get the board to the correct thickness it was first necessary to sand away some of the light weight filler and some of the first layer of the bi-directional carbon fiber covering. this time I made sure I worked the board until there was ~2.5mm of clearance. Luckily very little of the uni-directional fiber had to be removed but the filler that provided the 'perfect profile' had to be slightly flattened. I tried to compensate by removing some of the bi-directional cloth...but it is not as good as it was. Below is the simple check I used to verify the thickness of the board.

I laminated each side with 2 layers of the 6oz carbon cloth, some areas will have more carbon than the specified two layers. Luckily, there was just enough cloth left to complete the board.

This time I changed my sheathing strategy and did one side at a time, similar to how I am covering the outer float hulls. The big advantage compared to wrapping right around the board is that I was just able to cover the length of the board with one continuous piece of cloth.

I also changed my laminating approach, this time I did not vacuum bag the part. I felt more comfortable using peel ply and plastic, as shown above. The quality I am getting seems equivalent to my vacuum bagging results and it is a far easier production for me. Less materials are used and less planning is required.

One side finished you can see how I laid out the board on the bolt of cloth. The white line on the daggerboard are bits of peel ply that decided to stick with the carbon. I should have cut off the ragged end on the peel ply. It's where where the two pieces peel ply overlapped.

The daggerboard is now fully covered, ready for some final fairing and thankfully, it now fits easy in the case.

Next I need to cut the slot out in the daggerboard case bottom.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,
your Daggerboard looks perfect.
In a few days i will get my 3D CNC milled foam cores for my daggerboard and ruder. I am curious to see if the further processing is more easy... ;-)