Saturday, March 08, 2008

March break vacation

The annual week vacation on March break begins. This year we go west, not south, to see the other ocean and friends and family.

Update March 17th
Back from the vacation. Vancouver Island truly has the climate and welcoming atmosphere for me to consider it a place for me to live with the higher quality of life I desire.

Now, back to the boat build.


Anonymous said...

Grant and his family stop in on Monday morning to see me. What a treat! It has always been my belief that truly great inventions make the world a smaller place. Such is the Internet, a truly great invention. But when you get to meet some one face to face it is just fabulous. We had coffee and chit chatted for about 45 minutes. My townhouse on the ocean was a treat to these city dwellers from the big smoke (I am allowed to say that because I grew up in Toronto also). As I warned Grant and his family ahead of time “you will not want to go home”. I was getting introduced to his youngest son I said welcome to Canada. He looked puzzled but everyone else understood and laughed

Tom McCaw
Nanaimo BC

GK said...

Thanks for your hospitality. The island is truely Canada.