Sunday, March 02, 2008

Daggerboard re-evaluated

Fellow F22 boat builders,
Please make sure that when you start making your daggerboard that you start with a foam thickness of 45mm not 51mm (2 in). Please read the plan's cautions carefully. I made a mistake somewhere there when I started the daggerboard build. Now to get the daggerboard to fit in the case I find myself sanding away my first sheathing lamination and worse still some of the carbon uni-fiber.

I might have to make another, I feel like ...................

March 3rd
Also remember that the section profiles on the full sized plans are for finished boards, sheathed and painted.

I currently have the board with almost 2mm clearance from the case width. I'm not sure how much two layers of 6 oz carbon fiber and paint will add to the board thickness. If anyone has a comment on this I would appreciate it.

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Tor Rabe said...

Hi Grant! From what I am able to find out, the 6 oz cloth is somewhere around 170g/m^2.
When I measured my 10 mm Divinycell it seemed to be from 9,8 - 10 mm. A vacuum infused panel with one layer of 200 g/m^2 2x2 twill on both sides was 10,8 mm and a panel with two layers of 200g^2 each side (45° off each other) was 11,2 - 11,3. Foam alone was bare and the other panels with peel ply still on both sides.

From this two layers in one shot seems to be much thinner than the double of one layer (or the peel ply builds a lot), and you should probably be fine laying both layers in one shot using a good vacuum. The paint will not build much, but fairing compound of course will be another matter, if needed.