Monday, September 08, 2008

Video of F22 sailing and updated boat logo for Raven.

Ian Farrier has posted a video of Oliver Doms F22 at sail in Germany.  The link is near the top of the F22 page here.  It looks like they are cruising (in a close reach) at 8.7-8.9 knots with no trouble at all.  

My boat logo concept is now extending down the full side of the float.  I've updated the small picture in the side bar but here is  a better view (already updated).  

As I originally intended, there is a bit of the Canadian west coast tradition in this design.  But simple enough I hope for us to mask it off and paint it ourselves.

I've finished the float fairing and I am now setting up to attach the wingnet rails.  After that it is time for painting.  

Update Sept. 10th
Tom McCaw of Vancouver Island has cleverly put my logo on Oliver Doms F22 float hull in the water.  Tom reminds me that it is not his best effort, but I think it is brilliant.   I only hope Raven will look as good as this when complete.

I thought for a while Raven would have to be painted black.  But white ravens have been spotted on the island.


Anonymous said...

The beek of the raven would look better if it were over hanging the strips

GK said...

Good comment,I'll check that out, thanks