Monday, September 01, 2008

Still fairing the floats

.... but I am getting close enough to think about attaching the wingnet rails and applying a paint system primer to the hulls. Here are the current set of questions in my mind.

  1. What topside paint system should I use? I am tending toward using the two-part, water-borne linear polyurethane enamel from SystemThree. Environmental, thinning and cleanup attributes are very attractive.
  2. Should I use a HVLP paint sprayer or roll and tip? Can I use my air compressor to drive a HVLP spray gun or is an air turbine required? The SystemThree LPU paint may work well with an air compressor driven HVLP spray gun as moisture in the compressed air could not possibly affect the finish.
  3. Is there a designed below waterline region for a float? Some of Ian's drawings do indicate a small region, but I can see no dimension(s) explicitly called out. Is a topside 2 part LPU paint suitable for covering the complete float hull? I have been thinking about using Interlux performance epoxy for everywhere below the waterline, main hull and floats.
The fairing work goes much easier, in my height challenged garage, with the second hull sitting outside. I will be very glad indeed, when I am on to building a single main hull structure!


Anonymous said...

I have been in the 2-component coatings industry for over 20 years. My wife is a urethane coatings chemist and has tested many water bourne coatings including System 3. There is absolutly no water based coating that will compare in shine, chemical resistance and outdoor durability to a stinky, toxic 2K urethane.

I paint aircraft for a living and I'm also building a F-32AX in Alberta.



Grant said...

Thanks for this comment Phil, I still have not decided on the paint system. If I go with the 'stinky toxic' 2 part LPU it will be from Endura, actually manufactured in Edmonton and distributed here through Canada Composites. I have a friend who has used both SystemThree and Endura paint. He likes Endura, the stuff is bulletproof but, you need pressurized breathing apparatus to use it safely! I'm curious Phil, what do you think of Endura and what spray paint system and protection would you recommend? I have purchased the HVLP conversion gun referenced in the blog entry.

The wider AX cabins are very attractive, the F9-AX was my first pick to build when I discovered Farrier designs.