Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Attaching the wingnet rails

It seemed a bit odd to be setting up for actual assembly work after all that sanding.  Once again, all the time is spent in set up, preparing the float hull and verifying the rail position.  Here I am in preparation using straps and 2x4's  to help hold the wingnet rails in place.  It seems like a long time ago that I molded these parts in the basement. The rails were constructed in a fine weave 8.9 oz s-glass cloth.  They turned out very smooth a did not require any pre-fairing to get rid of laminate texture.

First I attached the rails to the deck and left the gunwale attachment points free.  I used 2 layers of the 8.9 oz s-glass cloth as tape.  I also added some cabosil to the epoxy resin where the rails are attached to the float.

Then with clamps the inner supports are attached to the gunwales.   The clamps did a very nice job lifting the rail up to the required height.

Finally,  the two hulls are swapped in position.  The starboard float is now in the garage.

Here is the port side float ready for final finishing and prep for the paint primer.

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