Monday, February 26, 2007

Bow web laminations part 1

First I had to wrap the web with one layer of the 8.9 ounce s-glass cloth with the fibers at 45 degrees. Then a second layer over the top 3 inches around the G10 tube. I must admit that I could not wrap this 'odd form' part with one piece of cloth. Practically, I wrapped the cloth around the G10 tube (pulling it tight) and used separate bits to cover the edges where required. I then sanded the part to make it smooth.

I used a steel rod clamped in a vise and pushed through the G10 tube to support the web when I applied the cloth and unidirectional carbon fiber tape.

Here is the web after applying the required vertical strips of overlapping unidirectional carbon fiber.

It does not really show in the picture, but the part at this point sure looks like it has some mean character!

I then sanded the edges smooth. You can see how much carbon fiber is built up around the tube.

Next step is to fill and smooth the part with a low weight epoxy putty.

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