Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bow web pre-lamination

The continued cold weather, shutting down work in the garage, has given me the 'opportunity' to work on other parts of the boat.

With some Corecell A1200 high density foam (a pale yellow colour) now in hand I decided to put together the pre-lamination parts of the bow web. The next step will be to laminate this with wraps of fiberglass and strips of carbon fiber. The bow web, I believe is a new feature of the F22, not found on other Farrier designs. The design does a number of good things.

  1. Eliminates another metal part. It looks like synthetic rigging is standard on this design. Check out Precourt Systems.
  2. Organize furler systems for the jib and optional genoa.
  3. Provide a mounting point for the bow sprit, which will be removable with a pin and not retractable.
  4. Keep the sails down low to the deck.

The part went together quite simply.
  1. Glue 3/8" thick 5lb foam together to to make the 3/4" required thickness. I actually used some smaller foam offcuts for this part. You can see the join in the pictures.
  2. Trace the shape from the supplied full size template.
  3. Cut it out.
  4. Cut to size the required high density foam inserts for supporting the G10 tube and the area where there will be a hole drilled for the bow sprit pin. Glue them into place.
  5. Mount the G10 tube in place on top of the high density foam and fill in around the tube with a putty (microballoons) . I purchased the G10 tube from Ian Farrier as I could not find a convenient supplier for this material in such small quantity. I thank Ian for sending me a contiguous 13 inch length of the G10 tube.
  6. Sand and smooth as specified.

It's pretty much ready for laminating.

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