Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What version of the F-22 trimaran am I building?

Well, the continued cold weather here has given me the opportunity to think forward and consider work that will require some decisions. Ian Farrier has created a basic design with a large number of options that can suit both cruising and racing requirements. As a person interested in good design with consideration of the best engineering compromises, I find myself still committed to building a boat that can win races but will still also allow for short term multi-day cruising .

Therefore, for those interested, and to make my decisions final I have decided to build the following

  1. Aft cockpit version
  2. Full cabin
  3. Daggerboard
  4. Boomless main
  5. Optional pop-top
  6. Materials and techniques for the F-22R designation, including all carbon fiber on the daggerboard and rudder
  7. No raised floor
It will look much like the picture above.

But hold on, wait, it will not have a red hull!

More likely it will have a black hull with white decks and with some fancy Raven icons embedded in white and red on the hull.

I'm off tomorrow (at lunch break) to buy high density foam, carbon fiber tape and carbon cloth to enable the fabrication of the bow web, daggerboard case and daggerboard. I'm also planning to set up a bigger vacuum bag table in the basement for making the larger flat panels for the main hull.

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