Sunday, February 18, 2007

Daggerboard case mold

It has been a hectic week at work. Some goals for the boat build that I had made last week, have not been fully achieved. However, some progress has been made.

I have cleaned up and reorganized the basement to make the space required for the bigger flat panel table. I have space now for a table as large as 4'x12'. This larger table will create the parts for all the remaining flat panels from the float decks to everything in the main hull.

That's ~6' long dagger board mold construction parts in the above picture. Note that with the 3/4" thick mdf boards almost sealed - it almost looks like a piece of furniture!

In the above end view, note my interpretation of the appropriate 'slight taper' called for in the drawings.

Lake Ontario again. (It's where I live). Above picture shows the 1-2 meter build up of ice on the beach where our new puppy Colt (6 month old Australian Shepherd) likes to run.

Don't go out any farther Monica!


T.McCaw said...

It would appear that winter has arrived.


Grant Kinsman said...

Winter sure has arrived! But we cannot complain. Overall this year there has been very little snow. I also understand that the forecast calls for warmer weather soon. There should be a burst of boat building activity up to the March break. That's when I take the family down to Hilton Head.

T.McCaw said...

Had to google Hilton Head.Looks real nnnniiiccceee.
Sea Pines Plantation - South Beach
1726 Bluff Villa .... ok I stay here.


GK said...

Tom, you make us laugh! Love your sense of humour!!!