Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beam Mounts arrive

The beam mounts were delivered yesterday to our door. No one was home , and today we picked up the box at the post office. Actually, Monica accepted the task, as she is home earlier, and I was somewhat concerned that the box might have been too heavy for her to handle easily. No issue, as it turns out the box seemed very lightweight for her. There was however, for this Canuck, duty and taxes to pay the government, before taking possession.

The box just opened up looks like this.

After a quick inspection of the parts, I can comment that I am very impressed with the beam mounts' light weight and quality. The water jet cutting really works over areas that have two separated surfaces that make a very deep kerf. I think Ian Farrier made a huge effort to get the design right not only for the beams, but also for shipping.

Having the parts in hand, I can finally say that the instructions for adding the aft side bolt areas makes some sense.

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