Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wingnet rails part 3

The second 9' 2" wingnet rail part is out of the mold. With this done I will be putting my attention back to the daggerboard and finishing off the daggerboard case. Last winter I only finished 1/2 of the part. I want to see my daggerboard moving up and down in a joined case.

I am also looking at the fab. parts and will be getting quotes for 1,5,10 sets of parts to see if there is a price advantage to a bulk purchase. I am finding the drawings require some study before I approach any machine shop. They will ask questions, and these drawings are a bit different from what they would normally see. So, I am putting together a spreadsheet of the separate parts in each assembly. It is helping me understand the various assemblies, particularly the mast step and beam assemblies.

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